SuperTracker Helps Build a Healthy Diet and Meet Weight Management Goals


Supertracker for a healthy diet

USDA’s Supertracker

SuperTracker tool for winning at weight management

SuperTracker may be for you if you want an easy way to plan, analyze, and track progress toward a healthy diet or weight management goals.  The beauty of USDA’s new online application is that you can leave behind paper food diaries and get instant feedback as you build a healthy diet.  Now you also can create and monitor your personal calorie goal for weight management SuperTracker all in one place.

 With SuperTracker, you can track and find ways to increase your physical activity for weight management and good health.  You’ll also be able to look up the nutritional content of more than 8,000 individual foods. You can compare your foods choices to healthy diet recommendations and your nutrient needs.  As you track daily food choices, you’ll see how these choices stack up with food group, nutrient, and calorie recommendations that make up a healthy diet.  SuperTracker also gives you access to recommendations about what and how much to eat for a healthy diet.

 SuperTracker is a Web-based application that offers these advantages:

  • Access and use the application for free;
  • Create a personalized profile, that will generate calorie and food group estimates for you.
  • Establish your own goals including weight and calorie goals;
  • Find nutrition information for individual foods.
  • Get reports that will help you increase accountability.
  • Do recipe analysis for nutrition content
  • Save favorite foods and ingredient combinations
  • Identify 34 nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in a day’s menu
  • Receive tips and feedback about progress toward your personal goals
  • Share successes on Facebook and Twitter.

After looking at her food diary, one of my clients, Linda, and I realized that she was eating 500 calories a day as snacks of chips, candy, cookies, and soda.  Food journaling and coaching were the keys to her decision to reduce snacks to 300 calories a day.  This decision plus our coaching sessions enabled Linda to lose10 pounds, reach her weight management goal, and maintain her weight loss.

How does SuperTracker compare with other nutrition and fitness applications, including mobile apps?  Please tell us your experience with SuperTracker and how it compares with other applications.  We’d like to learn what apps work best for you in meeting your weight management goals.

Let Kay show you why losing weight is about more than just a diet.  Watch her short video now.

Yours in Joy and Health,


Kay Loughrey, RD

The Nutritionist Who Makes Life Delicious

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