Raspberry Ketones are the Bogus Claim of the Week

Raspberry Ketones Bogus Claim

Raspberry Ketones have kicked up quite a bit of hype after it was mentioned on the Dr. Oz Show as a fat loss miracle. Natural health food stores are struggling just to keep it on the shelves.
Unfortunately, this small compound, which gives raspberries their sweet smell, does not have much scientific research behind it.

It is claimed that raspberry ketones are able to regulate the body’s adiponectin levels, which is a protein used in metabolism regulation. Essentially this means the fat being stored within your cells is more easily broken up and used. In theory, this would help the body to “burn” fat more quickly and result in weight loss.

The benefit of taking it as a capsule versus eating the fruit itself is that one 100 miligram capsule would be equivalent to about 90 pounds of raspberries! This also means that to get this large amount of raspberry ketones into one capsule, they most typically are being synthesized in a lab.

But as of today, only three scientific studies have been conducted on Raspberry Ketones, none of which involved humans. The theory of ketones and their connection to adiponectin was demonstrated in Asia with two lab studies on mice. John Hopkins Medical reported that about 85% of human and mouse genomes are the same but without human based studies, it cannot be guaranteed that the product will not have adverse side effects or long term harm. It is hard to say that ketones would even have the same effect on human metabolism.

To read more on Raspberry Ketones, here is a detailed article by registered dietitian Janet Helm. Her article also touches on African Mango and Saffron Extract which were popularized by Dr. Oz as natural weight loss supplements.

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This blog was written by Kaitlyn Moberly, Intern for Whole Mind Wellness, LLC.


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