Earth Day 2014


Earth Day

Choices for a Healthy Body and Planet

Ready for environmentally friendly lifestyle choices that are good for your body and the planet?

Astonishingly, food systems account for nearly 30 percent of global warming from greenhouse gas emissions generated by consumer economies in industrialized countries.

Making environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle choices, especially food substitutions, can make as much difference in your carbon footprint as driving a super-efficient hybrid car.

7 Healthy Ways to Go Green

  1. Eat more wholesome plant foods.  How?
  • Double the amount of low-calorie fruits and vegetables you eat (unless you already eat way more than most Americans).
  • Eat less red meat from cattle, sheep, and goats and get more protein from plant sources.  Choose meatless protein foods like legumes.
  • Eat whole grains instead of refined grains.
  1. Buy organic foods to avoid unnecessary or harmful pesticides and antibiotics.
  1. Reduce waste.  Buy what you’ll eat and eat what you buy.  Buy fewer packaged foods. Recycle.
  1. Store foods in an energy efficient refrigerator.
  1. Lose weight and save money.  Buy and eat less if you need to lose weight. Burn off more calories with physical activity.
  1. Walk or bicycle everywhere you can.
  1. Consolidate shopping trips

Note that according to Earth Day organizers, transportation is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide with 3/4 of these emissions coming from road vehicles.

Making these 7 key lifestyle changes is a win for you, your family, and the environment.

You may also want to check out my easy healthy recipes for plant foods like Roasted Brussels Sprouts from a recent blog post.

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Yours in joy and health,



Kay Loughrey, RD, LDN

Sweet Life Nutritionist and Behavioral Coach

Kay Loughrey

One comment on “Earth Day 2014

  1. Thank you for sharing Kay, I have started eating more greens than fruit and more wholesome plant foods that are high in protein instead of red meat. I find it less time to prepare than cooking a meal, esp when your on the go all the time.

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